The pressure is on Jennifer. The pressure is off Ruth.

Radio Times: David and Ruth resort to plan B.

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  • Ruth verges on hysteria over the costumes. Jill does her best to help make milkmaid and ploughboy outfits, but the children veto the idea. David decides they will have to hire costumes.
  • Brian bids a tender farewell to Siobhán, who is not above a little emotional blackmail. Brian declares there will no more lies now – and then tells Siobhán that Jenny was not immune to Ruairidh’s charm; she just needs space. Then she’ll see that they need to do what’s best for Ruairidh.
  • At the hire shop, David and Ruth find stocks are low. Eventually they settle on Roman soldier outfits all round.
  • Brian tells Jenny that Riaridh has made a thank you card for them both – entirely unprompted and unaided, of course. Jennifer won’t be swayed by this. She says she can see how important Brian and Ruairidh are to one another – but that doesn’t mean she’s changed her mind. She’s not ready for any decision making. Brian, for the first time, seems to realise what he’s doing to her. “Are we all right” he asks, anxiously.

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