Fallon confronts Jolene about selling the Bull and reluctantly, Jolene agrees to give it more time.

Radio Times: Fallon gets defensive and Kirsty helps to boost Helen’s stress levels.

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  • Bridge Farm is gearing up for their Local Food Day. Lots of local suppliers seem very enthusiastic and the Borchester Echo is planning to cover it. Meanwhile Helen has had another scan and some additional tests including for Down’s Syndrome but it isn’t critical for her. She will have the baby regardless of any problems it has. There really is no need to worry and she’s working on her birthing plan. Kirsty’s concern does worry her a bit though.
  • Fallon is pleased Rhys is going to start in the bar next week but Jolene is still completely uninterested. When Jazzer lets slip that she is planning to sell up Fallon simply can’t believe it. It’s her home.
  • Fallon confronts Jolene to ask her if she is thinking of giving up the pub and is shocked to learn that Lilian already knows. Jolene explains her heart just isn’t in it anymore. It’s Sid’s place and every corner reminds her of him. Every day is just torture. Fallon can’t believe it, she loves the Bull, Jolene might not be able to bear the pub, but Fallon couldn’t bear to be without it. It’s her life. She begs her to give it more time. And Jolene reluctantly agrees.

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