Fallon finds a new barman but Jolene still doesn’t see a future at the Bull.

Radio Times: Lilian makes a snap judgement and Lynda is shocked by the behaviour of her B&B guests.

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  • Jolene still seems completely unfocussed. She’s done no preparation for the interviews at all. And she can’t even remember that they had invited Lilian to sit in. One of the candidates – Citz seems a little unusual. An anti capitalist protester. Kathy is very taken aback. Fallon seems to get on with her but Lilian isn’t having any of it – a festival groupie isn’t really what they were looking for. They choose a Welsh guy called Rhys. But Jolene doesn’t care; she still doesn’t see a future for herself at the Bull.
  • Lynda and Robert were initially pleased that their b&b guests were adults and the children were staying at the campsite. But it’s clear that the children have been in to use the bathroom which is in a terrible state.
  • Kathy is still convinced Jamie is totally devastated at the loss of Sid though Fallon seems to think he’s feeling better. Meanwhile, Kathy is focussing on the dinner dance at the golf club. Since even Kenton is coming it should be good.

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