Fallon gives Kev the elbow. Brian gives Siobhán a promise. Lynda gives in to the dancers.

Radio Times: Fallon finds a partner in crime.

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  • Brian enjoys taking Ruairidh to the playground, and tells Siobhán he has no plans to go home just yet. She offers to cook him dinner, as her mother is going out.
  • Ed comes to watch the Maypole dancing, in the hope of witnessing a total disaster, but he’s disappointed; the children perform well, and insist that Lynda buys them all chocolate fudge cake at the Bull as a reward.
  • It’s Hayley’s birthday, so she and Roy dress up and head for Felpersham to celebrate. They encounter Fallon, dressed to the nines and looking fed up in a bar; Kev is late, as usual. He rings to say there’s a last-minute cricket practice, so he won’t be coming. A furious Fallon decides he’s history – from now on she’s a single.
  • Fallon finds a sympathetic Ed at the Bull. They agree that the whole couple idea is a waste of time; the only problem is they need other singles to hang out with. The obvious solution stares them in the face. Ed and Fallon head off for a strictly single non-date.
  • Siobhán cooks a lovely meal, and then shows Brian the memory box she has made for Ruairidh. Siobhán doesn’t want Niamh to have him; she knows that Brian is the one Ruairidh really loves. Brian promises that he will look after Ruairidh whatever happens.

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