Fallon has a shock. Jazzer has a hang-over. Peggy has mixed news. Helen has a lunch-date.

Radio Times: Helen makes a New Year’s resolution.

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  • Tom gives Peggy a lift to see Jack. Although Jack does not realise it’s their wedding anniversary, Peggy’s in good spirits; Jenny is taking her out to lunch, and she’s had a call from Kate, announcing her visit to Ambridge. But when Tom comments that Brenda and Susan have both applied for the same Office Manager’s job, Peggy is worried; it could mean Susan leaving the Post Office. Tom doesn’t share her concern – with her degree in Marketing, Brenda is certain to get the job.
  • A very hung-over Jazzer blames Tom for advising him to tell Fallon how he feels. He can’t believe he actually did it, and now Fallon will never speak to him again.
  • Tom calls at the Bull and hears Fallon’s version of the story. She thought it was just the drink talking, but when Tom puts her right, she’s speechless.
  • Ian and Helen enjoy a good lunch and the resumption of their friendship. Ian says all the right things, and does much to make Helen feel better about herself. But Helen has made a decision. She’s no good at relationships, so from now on she’s going to be resolutely single.

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