Annette is feeling under the weather and avoiding Helen again.

Radio Times: Kenton hits the town in the name of ‘research’.

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  • Kathy is getting a bit fed up with all of Kenton’s “research” into bars in Borchester. Jim seems to be getting some pretty weird ideas about how things should look. When she finds he wants to go out again she has enough and heads off to Pat for company. She is turning into a bar widow.
  • Helen is determined she is getting over Leon. She is throwing herself into a New Year healthy eating promotion at the shop – parsnip salad, yummy….. Pat is still not sure if there is enough interest to get the Community Shop going. She will just have to hope. All the notices are up but it could take ages.
  • Annette is not feeling all that great – not getting the papers right in the shop and feeling a bit off colour generally. She is also avoiding Helen again.
  • Susan is checking up on news about the shop. She is wondering why they need such a big committee; surely they have enough expertise with Usha, Pat and her. But she doesn’t get much chance to put her views before Kathy turns up.

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