Jim and Kenton seem to have different ideas about how the new bar should look at Jaxx

Radio Times: Fallon goes into hiding.

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  • Pip has had a complete makeover for her first day back at college. She looks great. It’s just a pity she has to become someone she isn’t just to feel she has a chance to fit in. Still she comes back with decent grades from her mocks and so seems a bit happier.
  • Jim is turning into rather a bore about the new bar. He is convinced Kenton’s idea to aim a bar at the young set is the wrong idea.
  • Fallon tells Jolene what happened with Jazzer and she convinces Fallon that she needs to talk to him about it. She can’t just let things fester.
  • Jim wants to think creatively about the bar and to go for something more original – something for the mature and discerning customer where you can have an intelligent conversation without having to shout. Takes him back to his days as a student. Kenton says he is open to ideas and isn’t ruling things out but is clearly not convinced.

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