Fallon tells Jazzer she wants them still to be friends but Jazzer thinks she means something more.

Radio Times: Optimism takes over for Jazzer.

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  • Jazzer is hoping his midnight serenade to Fallon never happened though Tom assures him it did. Maybe emigration would be the answer. Fallon will certainly never want to see him again.
  • Greenacres, the Old Police House on the Green is up for sale. Shouldn’t have trouble selling it. Lilian has had her next visiting order – just the one. She would have really like Jennifer to go but it’s not what is best for her, it’s what is best for Matt. Still, Jennifer arranges to take Lilian to see him and to pick her up later and buy her lunch.
  • Fallon turns up at Bridge Farm to visit Jazzer down with the pigs. They need to talk. Jazzer wants her to forget all he said but it’s too late. She tries to convince him they should carry on as before, she doesn’t want things to be spoiled. He’s the best mate she’s got. She gives him a kiss to cheer him up and just maybe Jazz got the wrong idea.

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