Kenton has a plan to put Jim off the jazz bar idea – take him to the worst bar in Borchester.

Radio Times: Brenda’s finances take an upward turn.

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  • Kathy turns up at Jaxx. It’s the only way she gets to see Kenton these days. He is determined to persuade Jim that his idea for a 50’s jazz club is a bad idea. First he wants Kathy along for a night’s research to try out some different places. It turns out that he is trying out older style bars to find the worst one so he can put Jim off the idea.
  • Pat co-opts Brenda onto the shop committee to provide publicity support. And then David turns up and asks her to produce some professional leaflets for him. Two jobs in one day and one of them paid! One of Brenda’s ideas is to combine the Brookfield leaflet with the one Mike is planning for his milk round. Both grass fed products, David gets his beef advertised on the milk round and Mike gets a new source of advertising for the milk.
  • Pat’s next step is to persuade Kathy to be Secretary to the committee – as long as Pat thinks she is up to it.
  • Fallon tells Jolene that everything is sorted between Jazzer and her. She’s explained that she wants everything to stay the same between them. Jolene is worried Jazzer might have got the wrong idea but Fallon says of course he hasn’t – he doesn’t need everything spelled out for him.

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