Fallon has good news and a shock. Caroline has surprising news and a shock.

Radio Times: Love isn’t in the air for Caroline.

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  • Fallon is delighted when her father offers to buy her a van for her 21st birthday. Jolene’s raptures are rather more modified; she’s cynical about Wayne’s motives, and anyway, the insurance will be too much for Fallon to pay. But Sid thinks they could pay the insurance premium as their present to her.
  • Fallon takes Jolene’s car into Borchester, and thinks she sees Ed. She calls to him, but he doesn’t stop. In distress, Fallon tells Jolene about it, and says how much she wants Ed back in time for her birthday party.
  • Madds and Ian are greatly enjoying their time together. Madds is sorry she let their friendship drift when she married, and tells Ian how she feels a failure because it ended in divorce. They go to the Bull, where Sid is non-plussed by their obvious closeness. After a series of Freudian slips, Sid retreats.
  • Oliver has decided he and Caroline should get married. Far from making a big romantic gesture, Oliver is motivated by a desire to beat the tax-man and to ensure their financial security should one of them die! Wasting no time, he picks Caroline up from Grey Gables, insisting they should register their intention to marry immediately. That way, they can be married in 15 days’ time.

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