Joe proves his worth at Grange Farm. Mike and Clarrie realise how much they miss Betty.

Radio Times: Mike finds a friend in need.

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  • Oliver and Joe are having problems getting the Guernseys to go through the milking bale. Even Mike’s assistance doesn’t help. Then Joe’s years of acquired farming wisdom come to the rescue, and by means of a leather strap round their hind-quarters, Buttercup and co. are persuaded to go in and be milked.
  • Clarrie can’t sleep; Eddie came in very late, and has slept in Ed’s room. He’s in a nasty mood, and Clarrie goes off early to work, to escape the atmosphere.
  • Oliver brings Joe back to Grange Farm for breakfast. He’s shocked at the sight of Caroline in her Kimono and dubious about trying Muesli with his Guernsey milk, but is persuaded to have cornflakes, and all three sing the praises of fresh, unpasteurised, Guernsey milk. Sitting there brings back many memories for Joe, who soon cheers up as he enjoys his breakfast.
  • Doing some clearance work in the woods, Mike comes across a distressed Clarrie. She tells him that relationships between Eddie and her have broken down, they’re like strangers. She can’t burden Pat any more, she can’t talk to Susan because of Emma – and Betty, her best friend, is dead. She sobs as she tells Mike how much she wishes they had Betty back. Mike knows only too well how she feels.

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