Madds and Ian share memories. Adam is jealous. Hayley has a nasty encounter.

Radio Times: Hayley has her feathers ruffled.

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  • It’s the day of the Single Wicket contest, but entrants are thin on the ground this year. The arrival of Ian’s friend Madds causes Adam to reveal his jealous side, especially when she and Ian reminisce with gales of laughter about life in Northern Ireland, and when they arrive too late to see him win the first round, he acts like a spoilt teenager.
  • When Hayley and Phoebe go to let the hens out, they encounter a scene of carnage. From her description of the villain, Neil says it’s the work of a stoat, and it will be back.
  • Oliver is delighted with his new calves, and with Joe’s input into the enterprise. Mike is keen to come over and see the first milkers go through the bale tomorrow.
  • Madds does her best to win Adam round, but when a downpour delays the final, she and Ian head home for some food, leaving Adam in the pavilion. The rain causes Christopher some angst, too; Carly won’t be able to stay long enough to watch him take Adam on for the trophy. He and Adam indulge in individual sulks.

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