Fallon is 21 – but no greetings from Ed. Madds plans her baby but without a blessing from Adam.

Radio Times: Ian gets practical.

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  • It’s Fallon’s 21st birthday and Clarrie calls with a card; she is, of course, curious to know whether Ed has sent one – but no.
  • Joe, for all his bluster, is sensitive to his family’s problems: he suggests to Eddie that he might take time to be with Clarrie; they could be a comfort to each other. Don’t interfere!
  • Madds is going back to London today but she seems in no hurry. She has said goodbye to Adam but suggests a final drink at The Bull with Ian. She had been impressed with the way Ian got on with baby George.
  • Clarrie eventually prises from Eddie the information that PC Fletcher had called. However, he had nothing new to say, just keep the channels of communication open and stay positive. Eddie is not in communicative mood. He doesn’t want his swollen finger treated; he doesn’t want any supper; he is going to The Bull.
  • Joe, at least, has a kind word for Clarrie. She is worried that Ed might be taking drugs. Just as in the war, Joe thinks they must keep the home fires burning.
  • Madds has thought it all out: scans, ante-natal classes. Would Ian want to be her birthing partner? He certainly would and he would be able to get leave, though Adam would find it difficult. No problem: Madds will move up to the Ambridge area for the birth. Ian really thinks they can make this work – but then, he hasn’t talked to Adam yet!

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