Monty moves to Lower Loxley. Adam is unmoved by Madds’ attempts to get to know him.

Radio Times: Adam lays down the law.

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  • At Brookfield, preparations are in hand to take Monty to Lower Loxley but first some reassurance is needed – Josh reassures David that he will be alright!
  • Adam is not overjoyed to see Mads at the cricket match, making small talk and generally trying to get to know him. Robert explains to Roy about life of a freelance worker – feast and famine, currently the latter.
  • Initially a bit reluctant to leave the Land Rover, Monty is soon settled in his new home. David reports a brush with Elizabeth, who thinks he has missed a trick not doing what Oliver is planning – selling milk locally. She seems to have overlooked what to do the other 95% of their production!
  • What better way to finish off Fathers’ Day than with a pint at The Bull, although David has to put up with the criticism of his team-mates for not helping to beat Darrington by just 5 runs. Robert has the idea that they might organise a cricket tour; David’s plea that the poor farmers will have trouble taking days off falls on unsympathetic ears.
  • Mads tracks Adam down at The Bull but he is no more accommodating. He does not want to discuss her aspirations for a baby. Ian knows it is a decision for he and Adam and she can count on it that they will be discussing it. When they do, Adam is confident that Ian will come to his senses.

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