Fallon is not enjoying living at the Bull and Shula and Elizabeth do not agree over Brookfield (again).

Radio Times: There is too much noise upstairs.

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  • Ed’s at the Bull before school, Fallon’s got her photos back and they’re not complimentary. Sid’s trying to talk about Jamie’s Christmas present but the kids aren’t listening. They’re talking about holly and rehearsals.
  • Ed uses a dose of emotional blackmail to get Shula to buy some holly (although it’s a little early), but Bert points out that he’s got as much as he needs in his own hedge … at which points Ed’s eyes light up at the knowledge of another source.
  • Shula’s intrigued at Caroline’s news of Oliver, but she’s not found out much beyond his having some interesting plans for Grange Farm. He’s divorced, but not bitter and twisted. Elizabeth calls, but can’t talk, she’s got some preperation ahead of the twins’ birthdays tomorrow, but Shula will call around later.
  • In the Bull that evening, the rehearsal is going well, but loudly, and the punters (and most importantly, Caroline) are not amused. Fallon really doesn’t like being asked to stop and storms off telling Sid exactly how stupid she thinks her mother his for choosing him. Ed’s not too bothered, after all, Fallon writes her best lyruics when she’s mad.
  • At Lower Loxley, it’s another internecine battle. Shula suggests that telling Kenton while David still doesn’t know wasn’t the brightest plan, but Elizabeth is sure that her commercial knowledge will put Brookfield on a firmer footing that David’s hare-brained traditional beef idea. Shula’s trying to suggest that they leave Phil to decide it and for everyone to keep out, but Elizabeth feels that she has to compete with David’s on the spot input into Phil’s decision-making. And, of course, as a go at Shula for making sure that there will be an atmospher at the birthday party tomorrow. She, still, refuses to be sidelined on the matter – she will not be ignored.