David’s new plans for the beef herd are not top of Elizabeth’s wish-list!

Radio Times: Bad news for Nigel and Lizzie.

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  • As David is talking to Kevin about the herd (he thinks he’s isolated the major culprits over the cell count problem, with his recomended course of action being to “send them down the road”) Pip’s ball goes into the bull pen … and a minor panic is averted as Pip is rescued from him. Later in the bungalow (as Kevin is admiring the “incredible” singing Christmas tree) David thanks him for his help with the Bull and starts to tell him about his recent investigative trip to Kent and that their extended foraging system would be perfect with the traditional herd idea. At which point Ruth arrives back (happy to see David home) and, learning of Pip’s incident with the Bull, suggests that they don’t mention it to Phil and Elizabeth – less for Phil to worry about and for Elizabeth to use against them.
  • The preperations for the twins party are impressive, lots of food! Elizabeth and Nigel think back to twelve months before and how much has changed since. She’s still not amused at Shula’s “lecture”, convinced that her commercial knowledge has the answer and that David’s marketing skills don’t amount to much. As the guests start to arrive, she grows increasingly angry with David and Ruth for being late – typically thoughtless. When they arrive, as Ruth goes to deliver presents (a xylophone for Lily!) David eulogises about the trip to Kent, Elizabeth (defending Lower Loxley’s gift shop tat) implores him that it’s no good being elitist, you have to explore every avenue … Ruth thinks Elizabeth was a little off with them. Although Elizabeth’s day goes further down hill when Liam, the shop manager, calls to say that he’s taken a job with a previous employer in a new venture and won’t be coming back …