The Mikado is starting to regain momentum (although with a hiccup over costumes)

Radio Times: Lynda does not like her Christmas hamper.

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  • Lynda’s just too busy with the Mikado to worry about Christmas cards, she’s concerned that Tom and Lauren are just not convincing enough. Eddie’s selling holly – and Lynda’s not buying (but she continues to complain about the view from her window over the new Grundy-ised Keeper’s Cottage …)
  • Jill would rather Phil be straight with David, it would be easier on everyone. We hear that Elizabeth is busy at Lower Loxley covering in shop – life at the sharp end in the commercial world she would have Brookfield inhabit.
  • At the Mikado rehearsal Lauren is vamping it up tremendously, although Tom’s a little uncomfortable! A diversion as the costumes arrive … only the hire company have fouled their order up. They’ve got Venetian costumes. Lynda’s mortified. This must mean that the Felpersham Light Opera Society (performing the Gondoliers) must have theirs!
  • After the rehearsal, Phil’s home and not happy. He’d been dragged to the Bull (only to be serenaded by the band practice from upstairs) and then gets home to the blasted Christmas tree … until he rips out its batteries!
  • Later, the costume problem is solved as FLOS have sent the correct ones on to them. With a note, wishing them all the best in their performance and hoping to Lynda that it is “just as good as one of your normal pantomimes” … she is not amused and starts banging on. Only Robert is around to hear her. Poor old long-suffering Robert.