Jennifer’s organising something for her mum’s anniversary and Eddie catches Ed out over the holly.

Radio Times: Eddie’s ego is pricked.

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  • Jennifer’s moping around because Phoebe won’t be around over Christmas. Brian suggests she take her over new year – Roy and Hayley would appreciate that, he’s sure – and then Jennifer remembers that it’s Peggy and Jack’s tenth anniversary on New Year’s Day so suggests that she host a party to celebrate.
  • Joe and Eddie are struggling to harvest much holly – and succeed in blocking the lane for Jennifer and then Oliver. A slightly awkward meeting as Eddie pointed asks about the renovations and Oliver is arm-twisted into buying some cider – although it’s not ready for drinking yet, best lay it down for a while …
  • At Grey Gables, Jennifer is checking with Caroline as to whether Jack and Peggy have already organised something for their anniversary. It’s also the Country Landowner’s Association Christmas lunch. Oliver’s there (and Caroline’s just asked him to the Mikado) and Brian’s has a wonderfully vicarious moment of utter suggestion that newcomers aren’t local until they’ve experienced Caroline’s welcome to Ambridge …
  • Joe and Eddie return home defeated and puzzled that the Glebelands townies seem to have collected their own holly. Although when he mentions to Ed that Shula’s got hers from him, Ed reveals the full story. Eddie’s furious (but Joe’s amused) but has the last laugh when he points out that if they’re to sell further afield they’ll need transport – and he’ll need help for the pitch on the farmer’s market in Borchester next week. Ed is not amused at his scheme having backfired slightly.