Roy and Hayley prepare for Christmas and Phil still ponders on the future of Brookfield.

Radio Times: Beef is on the menu – and on the agenda.

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  • At the bungalow Ruth brings David breakfast in bed on their 12th anniversary. She’s bought him a socket set (well, it’s what he wanted) and he’s bought her a new pair of overalls (after all, the old ones were pre-Pip!). Very romantic, although on closer inspection one of the pockets was hiding a pair of diamond ear-rings …. (cue: lots more David and Ruth sentimentality)
  • Roy and Hayley are tree-buying are planning the season, they’re quite keen on off-loading Phoebe for a bit, to celebrate their anniversary, too. Later, as their decorating their creation, Hayley asks Roy what he wants for Christmas. He says “You. That’s all.” and we seem to be gearing up for a proposal as Phoebe tugs on one of the lower limbs and cries of “Timber!!” ring out …
  • Pip’s blabbed to Jill about her incident with the bull and agrees that Phil’s got enough to worry about. He’s got the Mikado on his mind – and Pip’s even sent along some new batteries for the tree …
  • For their anniversary, David and Ruth are cooking for Phil and Jill – a meal involving some of the beef David brought back from his trip to Kent. It’s wonderful meat and David’s sure there’ll be a market for it. Phil’s not sure what this week’s report will say – what if it recomends a global focus, tapping the popular market? Their pensions are dependent on a vibrant Brookfield, his decision is crucial for all their sakes.