Tim and Janet seems destined to collide and Julia might be the show’s only hope.

Radio Times: Disaster at the dress rehearsal.

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  • The dress rehearsal isn’t quite the smooth run through that Lynda was hoping for. Tom’s unhappy with his pig-tail and having to sing “A wandering minstrel, I” again. Jack’s very hot in his costume and Tim’s on stage with a ladder and a paintbrush … it’s just taking hours to get through, although everyone’s entertained when Janet arrives with the calendar (with the inevitable awkward moment when she tells Tim how good he looks … )
  • The rehearsal goes from nad to worse when Chris puts her back out and is taken home – with Tim returning to report that she will not be able to play Katisha. Lynda is distraught. Phil, though, is not for giving up. After some geeing up talk he suggests that there is someone who can play the role … Julia. There’s no alternative – only she can save the show!