Fallon is torn in two directions. Brian broaches a prickly subject.

Radio Times: Brian braces himself for confrontation.

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  • David’s too busy to come for a drink with Brian, who needs to talk about a call he’s had from Ireland. Bridget and Niamh are to erect Siobhán’s headstone on the anniversary of her death, and they want Ruairidh to be there with Brian. The problem will be broaching the subject with Jennifer.
  • Ed and Fallon enjoy time together, laughing about Jazzer’s romantic exploits. The mood darkens when Fallon gets a text from Dale, the drummer in her band, whose van has broken down in Yorkshire. He wants Fallon to pick him up and drive him and the drum-kit to Leeds. Ed loses his temper. He thought she had come home to spend time with him, but all she can think about is the band.
  • Joe calls to borrow David’s laminator for the farm Sunday signs, and gives Pip some useful tips for stock judging. She’s entered the Young Farmers’ competition. Pip is quick to learn, and David is impressed.
  • Fallon is concerned about Ed’s anger over her commitment to the band, and needs reassurance that things are all right between them. By this time Ed has cooled down, and apologises for losing his temper.
  • Brian grasps the nettle and tells Jennifer about the proposed trip to Ireland. Jennifer coolly says it’s fine, and goes off to have a bath.

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