Lilian fears some opposition. Jill speaks her mind.

Radio Times: Jill finds out the uncomfortable truth.

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  • Jill offers to have Ben and Josh so that Ruth can get on with the milking and numerous other jobs about the farm. Pip is at Izzy’s, practising their dance routine for the Young Farmers. Jill comments on the small-mindedness of those who fed the Echo reporter his comments. Awkwardly, Ruth tells Jill that Shula was at the heart of this. Furious, Jill loses no time in asking Shula to call round for a chat.
  • Lilian is sunk in gloom and calls on Jennifer to ask for a G and T. Their menfolk are at a Borchester Land dinner, so they decide to go out together.
  • Shula admits that she told the reporter some people were not happy about Alan and Usha’s engagement, but wriggles when Jill tries to pin her down. She claims that she’s happy for them on one level, but not on another. Briskly, Jill tells her daughter she should be less small-minded.
  • The source of Lilian’s gloom is revealed; Annabelle has been elected to serve on the board of the anaerobic digester scheme, with Matt. When Jennifer tells her that she’s agreed Brian should take Ruairidh to Ireland on the anniversary of Siobhán’s death, Lilian is incandescent. Weakly, Jennifer says it’s her side of the bargain; Brian has been generous to Adam and Debbie, so she has to go along with this.

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