Fallon makes a confession.

Radio Times: Phil shows some brotherly love.

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  • News of the crisis at Grey Gables has spread round the village, causing a hysterical overreaction on Chris’s part. Over lunch with George at the Bull, Phil expresses concern, only to be told that Chris is in such a state over Clive Horobin’s imminent release that she’s been to the doctor. George is beside himself with worry.
  • Fallon is worried, too. Not only is she finding it hard managing the Bull in Sid and Jolene’s absence, she has something on her conscience – introducing Luke to Jazzer and his brother. Luke’s new mellow mood is probably due less to Alan’s influence than to the substances Jazzer and co. have supplied him with. She tells Alan how bad she feels about it.
  • Phil makes a determined effort to talk Chris out of her fear of Clive, reminding her how she came through earlier troubles so successfully. They’ll rearrange the birthday dinner to a lunchtime, if that will help.
  • The village shop has let Mabel down; no jerk sauce in stock. The inimitable Jill, however, has a bottle in her cupboard which Mabel can have; it’s a left-over from Phil’s cooking days. In return, Mabel agrees to join the Ambridge embroiderers and complete a kneeler for the church. But Mabel’s pleasure in all this is short-lived when Alan returns and tells her of his suspicions about Luke.

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