Time to celebrate at Grey Gables.

Radio Times: Alan has a dilemma. (Another dilemma!)

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  • The identity of Matt Crawford’s mystery tenant at Nightingale Farm is still a source of interest. Although Brian is not looking forward to going to the party, he’s still intrigued to find out who is hosting it, but he is looking forward to his stay with Jennifer at the luxury Health Club, leaving Adam to supervise the lambing.
  • Alan encounters Luke in the churchyard, decorating a grave with pinecones and wishing his stepfather was buried there. Alan broaches the subject of Luke’s drug habit, and Luke storms off. Once again, Alan is left feeling useless, as he confides to Shula.
  • At Grey Gables, just as she contemplates taking on the job herself, with Oliver as vegetable cook, Caroline manages to hire a chef to replace Jean-Paul over New Year. She has lunch with Shula to celebrate.
  • The New Year is on Joe’s mind, too. After Clarrie has another go at him about taking the pole barn down, he announces that his New Year resolution is to be more co-operative towards his neighbours. Maybe they will reciprocate – by lending him a tractor and trailer to move the contents of the pole barn, perhaps?

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