Brian has a lucky escape.

Radio Times: Brian gets a shock.

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  • It’s the day of Matt’s party, but Brian isn’t looking forward to it, especially after Matt winds him up about Jenny’s skiing holiday and the fact that the new tenant at Nightingale Farm is someone he knows very well. In panic, Brian rushes off to ask David’s advice, which is as forthright as ever. Brian must remember what he has promised to do, and forget all about Siobhán.
  • At the Bull, Greg’s in a foul mood. He sees Sonja talking to Jazzer, and comes the heavy father, which results in a major row and teenage sulk. Helen does her best to smooth things over, but Sonja’s had enough. To her, Greg is a pain, a loser and a control freak. And as if this isn’t enough, Fallon has a go at Greg, too.
  • The party at Nightingale Farm gets under way, and a very apprehensive Brian can’t wait to escape to the lambing shed. At last Matt makes the big announcement; his new tenant is none other than … Lilian. It’s difficult to know whether Brian is relieved or dumbfounded. Lilian is very much her old self, despite the many face-lifts, and there is much speculation about the nature of her relationship with Matt. But apparently she’s here to stay.

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