No rest for Neil.

Radio Times: Susan’s got high hopes.

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  • It’s Jack and Peggy’s wedding anniversary, and Peggy is cooking a huge breakfast – for new lodger Ian. Jack has to make do with low-cholesterol bran flakes.
  • At Home Farm, Neil has had to do an extra shift in the lambing shed because Adam overdid things on New Year’s Eve and is sleeping it off. When he does surface, Adam is contrite, and offers to do tonight’s shift for Neil, and pay him out of his own pocket, though it will mean his missing Jack and Peggy’s party.
  • Lack of sleep and the unexpected extra shift don’t do a lot for Neil’s state of mind, and it’s not helped by Susan’s insistence on going to look at show houses. While she enthuses about the tiles in the en-suite bathroom, Neil reminds her that these houses are at least £40K beyond their pocket. Susan reveals the reason for wanting to move; she’s afraid that Emma and Will might overtake them, now that Emma’s got her compensation money. Susan thinks she might be stuck in an ex-council house for ever, and she wants a study-bedroom and space for the grandchildren. But Neil has an idea; perhaps they could build their own house. Meanwhile he just wants to get some sleep.
  • New Ambridge arrival Lilian makes no headway when she tries to persuade Adam to join her in a seaweed wrap, so she turns her attention to the other new arrival, Ian. She doesn’t have much success; after a long shift at Grey Gables, all Ian wants is a bath and a sleep.

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