Something’s missing in Ambridge.

Radio Times: There’s trouble at the vicarage.

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  • Luke’s drug habit gets the better of him, and he’s caught red-handed, stealing from Mabel’s bag. She reminds him of all that Alan has done for him, and says it’s no way to repay him. Luke shouts at her, telling Mabel she doesn’t know what it’s like to be desperate for your next fix, and he storms out.
  • Problem teenagers are in evidence at Greg and Helen’s, as Helen helps the girls pack for their return to France. They’ve bought so much in Birmingham that they need another suitcase, and Greg’s so edgy about it all that Sonja storms out and Annette bursts into tears.
  • On the Green, Luke gets talking to Sonja, and tells her how much he misses his little sisters. He knows he’s blown it as far as Ambridge is concerned. Sonja realises how trivial her problems sound in comparison.
  • Greg and family finally make it to the airport, where the girls are very affectionate towards Helen, but frosty towards Greg, who is terribly upset. After they have gone, he tells Helen that he always gets it wrong, but he does love them. Helen points out that she’s not their parent, and she’s a girl, which helps. But she will miss them too.
  • When Alan returns, Mabel tells him about Luke, and Alan goes up to Luke’s room to have it out with him. But it’s too late; Luke has gone.

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