Fallon picks Jennifer’s brains. David has an accident.

Radio Times: David meets a sticky end.

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  • Fallon calls at Jaxx, and tells Brenda about the local history show she’s involved with. When Jennifer drops in for a coffee, Fallon seizes the opportunity to glean information about Ambridge’s characters from her. But she manages to upset Brenda by commenting that Tom manages to get every girl he goes out with to lend a hand in his pig business.
  • David, Ruth and the children take the soap-box up Lakey Hill for a trial run. The cart does rather better than the commentator. Alan and Usha have a go in theirs. Alan’s worried about raising money to remove ivy from the church tower, and when Usha suggests a sponsored abseil down it, he takes her seriously.
  • David can’t resist trying the children’s cart, but he goes too fast and crashes, injuring his shoulder. Alan takes him to casualty, while Usha helps Ruth with the children. When he gets back, Ruth has no sympathy. How will they manage the farm work with David out of action for two weeks?

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