Kirsty is finding it hard to find time to make things up with Sam. Susan is still unhappy Christopher is seeing Carly.

Radio Times: David plays the walking wounded.

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  • Ruth is having to do the milking because of David’s injury. And Sam had to cancel his weekend off too. At least the injury has made Alan think carefully about safety for the soap box derby.
  • Alan thinks Neil and Susan are doing well with a very difficult situation. Doesn’t always feel like it though. Always a struggle but they want to keep solicitors out of it if they can. She’s having a good Mother’s day but must be difficult for the Tuckers. Susan’s pretty upset about Christopher seeing Carly. She’d much rather he was with one of the Beesborough girls.
  • Kirsty realises she has to make up to Sam for being stupid about Tom and Brenda. She’s going to make it a special night in for them. But then Ruth says she and Sam have decided to check the mastitis record instead.

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