Clarrie and Joe are excited by Oliver’s plans while Eddie and William are more sceptical. Emma still thinks Kenton will rent them the flat.

Radio Times: Joe looks out for his clan.

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  • Adam and Ian are planning some decorating – well Ian is but Adam seems less convinced. Oliver meanwhile has found 20,000 websites for used milk parlour equipment. Eddie isn’t convinced but Joe’s interested in the plans – but he doesn’t want Ed led on if Oliver isn’t serious. But Oliver assures him he is very serious. It would be great to see a dairy herd back at Grange Farm. Clarrie thinks it would be wonderful for Ed if he can really do it. Maybe things are looking up.
  • William doesn’t believe in Emma’s flat ideas. She’s living in the same fantasy world as Ed – just like the milk plan of Olivers. It isn’t ever going to happen. But he’s enjoying planning for George’s holiday.
  • Emma dozes off at Honeysuckle Cottage and Ian finds her. She’s very embarrassed. But George is teething. She’d only sat down with him for a minute. She still thinks she’s going to get the flat over Jaxx – Kenton seemed quite keen……

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