Matt decides to buy the Dower House to live in with Lilian.

Radio Times: Ambridge goes down memory lane.

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  • Lilian still isn’t convinced Matt is being totally honourable on his business trips. Sounds more like lap dancing clubs and casinos to her. And the money he gets through! But there are some things that are just not negotiable.
  • Phil finds Oliver’s plans hard to understand. His numbers mean he would make twice as much profit as Brookfield. Listening to Phil and Joe reminiscing about dairy Shorthorns encourage Fallon with her mini disc again! She’s especially interested in the skiffle groups and the “hops” that they had in the area. Of course, it was the Village Pump as a song that said it all.
  • Jennifer and Lilian have a heart to heart about men. Lilian doesn’t expect Matt to be faithful but she’d like to think he’s loyal. Jennifer tries to persuade him that if she wants to stay with him she’ll have to put up with it. It’s a walk down memory lane sorting out photos for Fallon’s show. Lilian was very happy with Ralph in Ambridge. It was only when they left that things started to go wrong. Matt thinks she’s had a tough time but she’s got no regrets. She’s happy where she is right now. Matt is pleased to hear it. He’ll even buy the Dower House. If it would make her happy.

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