Jennifer has noticed something is up with Shula. Tom is upset Brian won’t let him expand the pigs.

Radio Times: Brian has some explaining to do.

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  • Shula has been looking up gymkhanas for Tom. Apparently India Beesborough is running much of the junior pony club now. Mustn’t mention her to Susan though, she still had her eye on India for Christopher – no chance though. Ruth is enjoying being back out on the farm full time but David isn’t enjoying house husband too much. He’s not getting much sympathy though. Lots of food being sent round though. And Jennifer helps out with the housework too.
  • Tom is busy with the pigs and he’s less than impressed when Adam mentions Brian has already decided not to let Tom expand the pigs – and that he’s told Adam first rubs salt into the wounds. Adam tries to sympathise but making a fuss won’t get him anywhere. Brian likes to operate by divide and rule.
  • Jennifer is worried about Shula. She thinks it might still be that business with Alistair. Brian warns against interfering. It’s really none of her business.

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