Alistair is still losing at poker and things aren’t any easier with Shula. Tom and Adam are going to develop a range of venison sausages in secret.

Radio Times: Tom decides to branch out.

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  • Alistair has been avoiding the poker because he’s in debt to Matt. But Matt is still trying to encourage him. Alistair loses his temper with Shula when she suggests he might be gambling again and denies it.
  • Tom is thinking about expanding his range to include venison sausages. Tom plans to develop it without telling Brian and persuades Adam to keep it secret too.
  • Alistair is pessimistic about them reaching their Golden Wedding Anniversary – they will be too old apart from anything else. He escapes the celebrations anyway for a “difficult calving” which doesn’t seem to have ended his run of bad luck at cards. They seem to reach some level of resolution later but then Alistair decides he can’t sleep and needs to wind down on the computer instead.
  • Ian is thinking about Japanese style for one of the rooms but Adam is not convinced. Ian talks him round though.

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