Kirsty and Sam make up. Ed and Emma have their first big row when Ed comes home drunk.

Radio Times: Ed’s in the doghouse.

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  • Sam and Kirsty are finally getting their evening together. Sam had got used to Ruth helping with the milking. She is missing the peace and quiet out in the dairy but Sam would rather not be on his own. Even Kirsty has been a bit off with him recently. He’s not sure what is going on. He does wonder if she is still hankering after Tom. Maybe they got together on the rebound. Ruth thinks he should just ask her but he’s just not sure where he stands. When Kirsty arrives, they manage to clear the air.
  • Jazzer and Ed have been out for a few pints and end up the worse for wear in Jaxx. Kenton’s not impressed. He’s even less impressed when Ed demands to know when Kenton is moving out of the flat so they can move in – or when they upset his boss.
  • Emma is furious when she finds out how Ed has behaved and Kenton tells her they can’t have the flat. It causes a row. Ed has had enough; he hasn’t seen his mates or had a drink in weeks. He’s working all the hours he’s got and giving everything to Emma. She’s upset to think that Ed didn’t seem to realise that Emma and George came as a package. He’s going to have to get responsible. They can’t go on like this.

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