Fallon’s glad of some help. Jamie’s glad of some food. Kathy’s not glad about anything.

Radio Times: Jamie finds a sympathetic friend

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  • Sick of her own company, Brenda calls at the Bull for lunch. She thinks Fallon looks tired, and Fallon admits she’s had no time for herself recently. She couldn’t even find time to rehearse with the band for Chris and Alice’s party. Brenda offers to help draft the ad for a new bar person, to Fallon’s great relief. Meanwhile she’ll sort a girls’ night out.
  • Alice and Debbie enjoy time together, printing out wedding photos for the party. Debbie’s concerned about Kenton. She thinks his bonhomie behind the bar at Jaxx is forced. Later they go for a ride together, and Debbie reveals that she and Kate have bought the happy couple two nights in the honeymoon suite at Grey Gables. Alice is lost for words. Later Alice asks Debbie what happened with Marshall. Debbie admits that he wasn’t quite the new man she thought him to be; helped by his pushy mother, he made it clear that he wanted Debbie to give up her job and become a full-time wife and mother.
  • Jamie’s really looking forward to nets, and gets some practice in. Fallon stops for a chat, and offers him lunch at the Bull. Jamie asks if she’ll cook him a Spag Bol. As it cooks, they talk about Sid and how much they miss him. Fallon’s writing a song about him, and persuades Jamie to have a go on her guitar. She tells him to come to the Bull whenever he wants.
  • Kathy calls at the Bull to say thank you to Fallon. When Fallon suggests that Kenton must be a great support, Kathy’s non-committal; Sid was the hub of her family wheel.

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