Kenton works a minor miracle. Lilian fears for the future.

Radio Times: Kenton makes a breakthrough and Jolene expresses her doubts

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  • Lilian’s worried to see that some money has gone out of the joint bank account. Matt airily tells her he’s had a punt on a piece of land – it’s rather like a bet on the horses. Lilian is less than pleased.
  • Kenton cooks Jamie breakfast and there is much cheerful banter between them – until Kenton re-opens the subject of Alistair’s invitation to Jamie to come to nets. Jamie sullenly says it’s just Kathy trying to keep him busy.
  • Lilian calls at the Bull to see how Jolene is coping. The answer is that she’s not. Jolene is in full-on zombie mode, and keeps telling Lilian to ask Fallon what’s going on. Lilian offers all sorts of help, but gets nowhere. The truth is that the pub was Sid’s, and now he’s gone, all the life has gone out of it. She’s thinking of selling out. Lilian tries to make Jolene see that now is not the time for life-changes, but Jolene seems to have made her mind up.
  • Kenton’s determined to get through to Jamie. After trying various approaches, he realises that Jamie’s problem is that the cricket ground was where Sid’s ashes were scattered. Kenton gently reminds Jamie that Sid was very proud of Jamie’s cricketing ability, and would love to think that he was carrying this on. Reluctantly at first, Jamie agrees to go up there with Kenton for a knock-about.
  • Lilian returns and tells Matt about Jolene’s decision. He thinks selling might be for the best; there’s no atmosphere there now Sid has gone, though he does feel that Jolene hasn’t thought this one through. Lilian’s more worried about who her new partner might be.
  • Jamie and Kenton have a great time, and Jamie’s in high spirits as they leave. Kenton could swear he heard Sid laugh; yes, says Jamie – at your hopelessness performance!

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