Jennifer grows more apprehensive about the party. Kenton tells Kathy some home truths

Radio Times: Susan needs some urgent advice

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  • The atmosphere at April cottage remains icy. Kathy in a rush to get to work, but finds time to snipe at Kenton for the way he hangs his shirts up. Kenton thinks Jamie is spending too much time alone in his room. Kathy hasn’t time to talk.
  • Susan’s in a major tizz over the party invitation injunction for ‘smart casual’ dress. She has nothing suitable. All Neil’s suggestions are rejected, but the day is partially saved by Christopher’s arrival. He assures his mother there will be patio heaters and a solid floor. But when he mentions speeches, Susan insists that Neil should wear (and buy) a suit. Chris offers to take him shopping.
  • Kathy is short of bar staff at the Golf Club. She rings Home Farm, but apparently Alice is too busy. She then rings Kenton, asking him to take some evenings off so that she can work. Kenton tries to make her see that Jamie doesn’t need a babysitter. That approach will alienate him from Kenton as well as Kathy. Kathy won’t listen, so Kenton is finally forced to tell her to chill out and back off.
  • Susan goes to Home Farm to sound out Jennifer about the party. Jennifer is at her gracious best, dropping hints about waiters, top tables and seating plans. Still terrified that Clive will make an appearance, she asks whether Susan has finalised her own guest list. Cheerfully Susan tells her that she’s sure everyone from their side will come.
  • Chris tries hard to update his father’s wardrobe with limited success. Neil admits he’s nervous about making a speech, and offers some advice about marriage. Touchingly, Chris tells him that he’s had the best possible role models in his parents. Despite all the excitement, he and Alice are deeply committed to one another.

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