Fallon tells Wayne to take things slow. Tom orders monthly weaners from Neil.

Radio Times: Wayne endears himself to the locals.

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  • Wayne finds Fallon chats to him but is always keen to get away. He prefers when she lost her rag with him rather than this politeness. Lilian tells Jolene about Chalkman’s threats and Matt’s worries about ten years’ hard labour. Jolene thought it was all open prisons and university degrees. Lilian agrees it couldn’t be that long but sounds unsure and changes the subject to Wayne. Sid’s agreed he stays — for Fallon’s sake. Just for Fallon, asks Lilian.
  • An aged Neil’s coveting an office job after rounding up errant swine. Susan tells him to stop being a misery and he does cheer up later when Tom contracts him for thirty weaners a month although Lilian, after Susan has had her ear, says, in front of Tom and Neil, she thought Neil was going to give pigs up. Neil knows his wife’s work and says he loves working with pigs. I never doubted that, says Susan.
  • Tom’s heard Felpersham City’s football star Lee Mason has hired Gray Gables for his birthday. Exclusive use of dining room and bar. Fallon’s surprised to find Wayne had a trial with the City’s youth team. She used to go with a friend and her friend’s dad to watch City’s matches. She tells Wayne she knows he’s sorry but it doesn’t change what happened; they have to take things slowly.
  • Wayne and Jolene are reminiscing over Jolene asking a scouser, on hearing he supported Everton, one of the two footballs teams in Liverpool, who the other team were when Sid walks in on their laughter. Jolene tells Sid that Wayne may have had a breakthrough with Fallon and Wayne thanks him for letting him stay long enough.

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