Martyn backs the farm tenancy. Chalkie suggests Matt’s the fall guy.

Radio Times: Lilian stands by her man at Court.

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  • Brian shows Martyn Gibson around the farm. He stresses the importance of getting on with the local community and social responsibility. Martyn heads him off. Is the Grundy/Tucker farm tenancy not for the benefit of Brian’s standing in the local community rather than Borchester Land’s? Brian tries again just before lunch; good PR ends up on the bottom line one way or another. This time Martyn agrees and says he just had to find out if Brian had the right motives. He’ll back Brian with the rest of the board. Brian later thanks Jenny for her shameless flirting and thinks Martyn was just saving face by claiming that he was in favour all the time and that Brian’s argument didn’t persuade him.
  • Matt and Lilian are at the magistrate’s court early. Chalkman arrives too. After their appearance in the dock together he finds Tiger and Pussycat again and is his normal bullying self. He tells Matt he had his chance and blew it, if the judge wants to make an example “it ain’t going to be me”.
  • Matt’s back home, worried. He sees ten years hanging over him again after Chalkie’s tirade. He asks Lilian if they’re going to get through it; how long will she find waiting for him to be too long?

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