Fallon wonders about the future. Brenda maps out her future.

Radio Times: Everything’s changed for Fallon and Matt seals the deal.

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  • Fallon notices Matt perusing the property pages in the Bull. He asks after Jolene; Fallon’s worried that she’s being too strong at present. Harry appears and Fallon asks him to help her change a keg. As they work, she tells Harry how worried she is and how much she misses Sid. Harry proves a sensitive listener, and tells Fallon to ask whenever she needs help.
  • Josh turns up to help Jill with the bees again. He’s been looking at bee-keeping sites on-line, and his interest is growing. He comments on the atmosphere at Brookfield; Pip was the picture of misery at breakfast.
  • Brenda rings Matt to accept the job, but she drives a hard bargain. She needs to see the drinks promotion through to launch, and she wants compensation for the loss of contacts and promotion opportunities. Matt’s impressed by her drive and nous, so they settle on £19K as her salary.
  • Lilian arrives home after seeing Jack and listening to Jennifer moaning about Alice’s trip to the States with Christopher. Yet again she’s forgotten to get some property details, which gives Matt the ideal opportunity to tell her he’s appointed Brenda to take charge of the routine work. Lilian is not happy with the idea of Brenda working for them, and even less happy when she hears what Matt has offered her. She insists that in future all decisions will be joint. They’re a team, after all. Yes, says Matt, and Brenda will strengthen that team.

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