Kenton is in trouble. Jude is in trouble.

Radio Times: There’s a frosty atmosphere at the airport and Jude makes a snap decision.

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  • Kenton picks Kathy, Jamie and Fallon up from the airport. They’re all very quiet and subdued, though that doesn’t stop Kathy making one or two sniping remarks towards Kenton. Only Fallon asks how Jaxx is going.
  • Jaxx is humming. Alice and Christopher are full of their plans for a road trip in the States, and engage in friendly banter about strawberry selling, which even Brian is engaged in.
  • Jude and Pip are at Jaxx, too, though Jude’s mood is hardly that of Ambridge’s other young people. He claims that his tutor, Jez Williams, knows far less than Jude about web design, but has the nerve to tell him that he’ll be thrown out if his work and attendance don’t improve. Sad Pip loyally defends Jude; she knows how wonderful he is.
  • Kenton makes valiant efforts to talk to Jamie about the football and Kathy about the funeral, but gets little response from either, apart from a remark by Kathy that it would have been nice to have some support. They travellers are very tired and go to bed early.
  • Chris and Alice’s enthusiasm for travel inspires Jude. He’s decided to quit his course, which was useless anyway, and go travelling. Pathetic Pip doesn’t seem to get the message. Does it mean that he will go first and she’ll join him later? The appalling Jude is so full of himself that he doesn’t even notice Pip’s anxiety. He’s going to take a gap year, maybe in Australia, maybe in the States. It seems that Pip won’t be coming along.
  • Kenton rings Kirsty to ask how things are at Jaxx. Since Kathy and Jamie don’t need his company, he might as well come over to the bar.

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