Jennifer is overwhelmed by Kate’s news. Tom is underwhelmed by Brenda’s news. Jazzer just enjoys the veal and ham pie.

Radio Times: Brenda has a confession to make and will Kate get the result she wants?

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  • Tom and Jazzer attend to some urgent fencing. Jazzer wants overtime for it, but is glad to be out of the Bull. Derek Fletcher’s patriotism and Harry’s continued presence are driving him mad. Fallon’s on her way home, and he’s looking forward to that. Meanwhile Jill’s veal and ham pie has been a big success, though Jazzer warns Tom not to tangle with Vicky – he’ll be farming free-range teddy bears if he does.
  • Kate rings to tell Jennifer that the admissions tutor at Felpersham was (of course) massively impressed by all she has done at the orphanage, even accessing her volunteer manual on-line. She’d be willing to overlook Kate’s noticeable lack of academic qualifications and will recommend her for a place. Meanwhile Jennifer is sworn to yet more secrecy.
  • As Tom and Jazzer work on, Brenda appears. She’s got something to discuss urgently with Tom. Jazzer asks if she’s pregnant, and is unabashed at Brenda and Tom’s reaction. He offers to finish the job – for another half hour’s overtime – so they can go and talk.
  • Brenda’s excitement at the prospect of becoming a PA / marketing Executive and all sorts of other impressive positions at Amside Properties gets a cool response from Tom. He reminds Brenda of all that went on before, but Brenda brushes it aside; there’s no Chalkman and Lilian has long forgotten the animosity between them. It’s a wonderful opportunity for Brenda to hone her limitless skills. Weakly, Tom suggests that she should leave Leicester anyway and they could try to find her a job at Bridge Farm, but Brenda’s not interested. Tom needs to trust her judgement. Her future lies with Matt and Lilian.

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