Brian spots a business opportunity. Brenda gets a job opportunity.

Radio Times: Brian’s on his best behaviour and Brenda receives a surprising offer.

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  • Brian and Jennifer entertain Benedict, from Rodways. He brings his new, young wife along which elicits several faux pas from both host and hostess. Brian calls Amanda Amelia, the name of wife no.1, and Jennifer manages several embarrassing comments.
  • Lilian’s in a rush to get to the Bull, to supervise the kitchen, leaving Matt home alone. While she’s out he phones Brenda and offers her a job. Brenda’s not keen, remembering what happened last time, but when Matt talks it up with mention of PA, Business Executive and other grand titles, Brenda’s more interested. Matt emphasises that she’ll be employed by Lilian, and offers to match her present salary. Brenda wants a job description first.
  • At Home Farm Amanda becomes steadily more drunk, and talk turns to the livestock market. Brian innocently wonders whether Rodways wouldn’t be better off renting from a property developer. Benedict seems interested, to Brian’s delight. Meanwhile Jennifer mustn’t breathe a word about the idea. Brian and Jennifer muse over the future of Benedict and Amanda’s marriage.
  • Lilian is furious when she hears that Matt’s offered Brenda a job. Oddly the PA / Business Executive has transmogrified into a photocopying assistant and post girl. Matt soothes Lilian by reminding her that she has too much on – that’s why she forgot to obtain details of an old vicarage this morning. With Brenda as dogsbody, Lilian will be free to do what she’s so good at – finding and developing property.

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