Alice and Christopher make plans. Jude makes life miserable for Pip.

Radio Times: Jude has his nose to the grindstone while Chris and Alice make plans.

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  • Alice is back from university, and delighted to be reunited with Chris, who is shoeing Spearmint for her. An irritable Brian asks why they’re not on their way to the bypass to sell strawberries.
  • Someone else is irritable; Jude is less than delighted when Pip turns up. He has an assignment to complete by Tuesday, though as ever he sneers at the tutor who is asking for its completion. Sounding ever more infantile, Pip witters on about downloading ideas for their summer trip, which does little to improve Jude’s temper. Eventually she offers to go and buy food for a cooked breakfast, to Jude’s obvious relief.
  • Josh helps Jill with the bees, and his quickness to learn and genuine interest please Jill greatly. Josh offers to come and film Jill’s next cookery session on Wednesday, though the prospect of chestnut soup doesn’t appeal greatly.
  • Pip cooks bacon, which improves Jude’s temper somewhat, but she can’t seem to understand that her presence just isn’t wanted. Jude suggests that she does something with her friends. Pip takes the hint and goes home, owing to an absence of friends – but not until she’s cleaned the kitchen.
  • Christopher spends his strawberry selling time watching cars. He’d love a huge American soft-top. They bemoan their lack of privacy, but Christopher has a surprise; because he’s done a lot of extra hours covering for his boss, he’s got a month’s holiday. Alice has several ideas, but they’re squashed by Christopher – until she suggests hiring a soft-top. Now that really does appeal.

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