Kenton presides over a successful launch of Jaxx, undisturbed by his conscience.

Radio Times: Jaxx bar opens its doors for business and Pip has a surprise for Jude.

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  • Excitement is rising about tonight’s launch of Jaxx bar and Alistair enjoys a preview. He approves, but puts Kenton on the spot about his absence from Sid’s party last night.
  • In New Zealand it is 1:30am and Jolene cannot sleep. For her, New Zealand is grey but not just because of the weather. The funeral was an ordeal: the person officiating knew nothing of Sid and there was one pathetic row of mourners. She tells Lilian that she just wants to blot out the memory of it.
  • Helen arrives looking gorgeous and does not explain her abstinence from the champagne; Kirsty, being in the know, rustles up a soft drink but chides about the quantity of canapés Helen has put away. Helen has had a satisfactory scan today and is officially six weeks pregnant but she can’t tell anyone else yet (though by eating for two they will guess!).
  • Alistair envies Kenton’s vision in creating the new bar; Kenton bemoans the fact that Kathy cannot see it. He doesn’t think Kathy should have tested him as she did – and she hasn’t phoned to wish him a successful opening. Alistair points out that he hasn’t phoned her to ask about the funeral. The rôle of ex-wife can be difficult and she might need his support.
  • Jude is glad he came: Kenton is cool. He was also clearly not expecting Pip to accompany him on his European holiday. She is desperate to get away; that’s why she is saving every penny. Once she is away from the oversight of her parents, Jude will see a different ‘Phiz’. Pip is really excited; she can’t wait for the holidays.

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