At The Bull, Sid is remembered with affection by his many friends.

Radio Times: It’s an emotional evening at The Bull and Susan tackles teething troubles at the village shop.

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  • Didn’t she tell them the shop would go to pot with a bunch of amateurs involved? The particular shortcoming that prompts Susan to bring this up is finding Jim in the shop when Jill should be there. So they have swapped – but not put it in the online system. Tut tut! What’s more, those cakes that have been under Jim’s nose all morning have passed their sell-by date. That’s two entries for the misdemeanour book.
  • Caroline delivers quiches to The Bull and stays to help with sandwich preparation; a difference in style is evident between her and Clarrie: crusts off or crusts on? She reports to Clarrie about the posh bikers and their move to the hotel – Eddie hadn’t – and Clarrie thinks it serves Eddie and Joe right.
  • Lilian gets the party off to a good start with a tribute to Sid, reminding the assembled throng that the funeral will be taking place at about 11pm, though of course it will be Friday morning in New Zealand. She urges everyone to spare a thought for Jolene, also for Sid’s children and grandchild.
  • Eddie had assumed that Open Farm Sunday at Brookfield would have gone smoothly, so when Neil tells him about Bert frightening a child with a gin trap it makes his evening.
  • Suddenly Eddie gets the urge to bring everyone outside to toast Sid and he delivers his own tribute. Clarrie approves. As for the events of last weekend, is he forgiven? Yes, indeed – life’s too short.

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