Caroline poaches Eddie’s clients and there is nothing he can do about it.

Radio Times: Victory is sweet for Brian, and Caroline has an unexpected encounter with an old friend.

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  • Like most of us, Caroline is not at her best when she has not had enough sleep. So what was all the noise about? Eddie explains that the bikers camping in his field got a bit out of hand: one group was happy with the primitive facilities but the other expected something better and a scrap ensued. Wait a minute! Caroline recognises one of the posh group; he used to run an antique shop.
  • Brian is disappointed to learn that Adam has lost a second picker, one homesick, one lovesick, but a phone call brings splendid news – so it’s lunch at Grey Gables.
  • The bikers will not fight tonight: Caroline has poached the posh group and directed them to Grey Gables. Eddie protests but he is on thin ice.
  • But for his tag, Matt would have gone to the party at The Bull: he had a lot of time for Sid. An email brings another disappointment: BL has had an offer on the pub accepted.
  • At Grey Gables, Brian reveals to Jennifer what they are celebrating; when Matt and Lilian turn up he can’t avoid gloating. Matt tells Lilian that they must move faster in future; they should have offered more, and Lilian’s current preoccupation with The Bull underlines the need for a dogsbody to do the routine work and leave them free to keep an eye on the market.
  • Lilian is pleased to hear from Caroline that Ian will help out with food for the party at The Bull. Lilian had spoken to Jolene, who insists on putting up the money for a free drink for all. She wants them all to have a good time; Sid would have wanted that too.

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