Tom’s single minded business approach makes an enemy of Vicky.

Radio Times: Vicky has a bone to pick with Tom, and Jill makes culinary plans.

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  • Good news! Jill has found a recipe for veal and ham pie with a great photograph. It’s a good time for Tom, so she agrees to take it to him straight away at Bridge Farm. She made it a few times when the children were small and readily volunteers to make one for Tom. With an eye on the catering market he would like it rectangular, rather than round, and twice the size.
  • In the shop, Vicky is the duty volunteer. The shop is Jill’s next port of call, a little early for her own stint behind the counter. She looks for some mace and naturally explains to Vicky that she needs it for Tom’s prototype veal and ham pie, organic of course. Suddenly Vicky needs to make a phone call – but to Brenda, rather than Tom.
  • So Tom very soon gets an earful on the phone from Brenda, uncharacteristically concerned that Vicky is so upset; he should have told her! Vicky herself is not far behind, complaining that he had stitched her up; she had handed to him on a plate all her hard-earned research; she should never have come to him; he has deceived her; it’s shabby. He is unrepentant: that’s business and she must learn to be professional. She might, but right now she wakes her sleeping milkman with a tearful call.

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