Farm Watch prepares for mobilisation and Siobhán prepares for a visit to her old haunts.

Radio Times: An old face makes plans to return.

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  • David has been talking to Alistair who has ideas about the Farm Watch scheme becoming more pro-active. This doesn’t mean a group of vigilantes, taking the law into their own hands, but rather a sort of rapid reaction observer corps, bent on picking up clues to the identity of the villain.
  • Alan tells Shula that she should not be surprised at the support she has been given; that’s what family and friends are for. Shula explains the significance of Moonlight to Caroline, also that she and Alistair have decided to give the other owners the opportunity to collect their horses because they cannot guarantee the animals’ safety.
  • Later at Brookfield she confides to Ruth that she is worried what this attacker will do next.
  • David bumps into the vicar (literally) and tells him how much of an impression Amy has made on Pip, who wondered (really?) if Amy was adopted. Oh no, her mother was indeed black.
  • At Lower Loxley, Nigel is still keen on wine making and is planning to visit some vineyards. The phone rings and it is Siobhán who has some exciting news: she and Ruairidh are coming to visit in a couple of weeks. (Have the ratings slumped that much?) Nothing is booked yet but she will stay in an hotel in Felpersham and is looking forward to seeing everyone – including, it seems, Brian. Elizabeth is not to tell Brian. That’s no problem, it’s a minefield; Nigel insists that she does not get dragged in to that whole ghastly mess again, so not telling Brian is just fine. Mind you, if Jennifer were to find out that would be utterly disastrous.

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