At Joe’s bidding, Ed “smartens up” the pole barn by painting it – duck-egg blue!

Radio Times: Ed and Joe indulge in some DIY.

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  • When George arrives at The Stables, he hears about the events of the night. The police were on the scene within 20 minutes but by that time the culprit was long gone, across the fields. Caroline has taken it badly; with Shula’s blessing she will take her other horse, Maisie, to Grange Farm. All their security devices were to no avail and they don’t have the faintest idea why the attacks are happening.
  • Shula is full of guilt that they didn’t do more; at least CCTV would have provided some evidence, although Moonlight would still be dead. George has arranged for Chris to come and take over the routine work of the day and Caroline is told that she is not going to work today. Daniel administers a hug.
  • At Keeper’s Cottage Ed is settling down to a day of idleness but is shamed into action by his grand-father. Joe’s advice is to make himself indefensible (sic) at Grange Farm. In the meantime he could help Joe paint the pole barn roof, although he does not believe that the chosen colour, duck-egg blue, will make it blend into the surroundings.
  • Shula has had time to reflect on what she told Caroline earlier; she was thinking of giving up but she cannot. Otherwise the attacker would have won. CCTV might help but really they have to help themselves.
  • Caroline is beginning to worry about work but Roy has phoned and Oliver convinces her that Roy has everything in hand. Her colleagues are all thinking of her and send their love. Why did such a terrible thing happen; it’s so unfair.

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